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Intergalactic explosions will travel to earth and disturb your peace.

Your neighbours will suggest a window cleaner. You will read about someone winning a prize for a competition you did not enter. You will suddenly become aware of animals in your garden, do not fear them. A friend will ask you to keep a secret. Remember to stay alert. Your busy home life will cause you to neglect an important bill, pay it. Introduce yourself to a farmer in March. You will become confused and mistrusting about politicians. A street light will stop working on a road you regularly use, contact your council. There are many different types of ham, try a new one. No matter how disappointed you may feel about a sexual encounter, remember that the blame rests with you. Someone will call you fat behind your back. A member of your immediate family will become sick and need your help. A new chapter of your life will close and cause you much distress but soon after another will open and reveal a new person who will become a special friend. Eat more bran.