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Just like the moon, you mock the sun for it gives heat when it suits and hides at night

You are hurt by a friend’s comments but will forgive them when the time is right. A stranger will approach you in a supermarket and ask you to smell their fingers. Only you will know if it is right to change your energy supplier so follow your heart. A foolish moment of indiscretion will lead to a colonoscopy. You will be approached with a business proposal by a foreign self-harmer; be sure of the facts. Never run where you cannot see the ground. You will be tempted to cheat at the promise of quick results but remember that keeping a secret is like holding a football underwater. Exercise causes you to perspire so deodorise. You will discover a renewed love of cooking and a best friend will introduce you to an impatient sibling. You will use sex to get what you deserve but accidentally give false hope to that secret someone who lurks in your past. Your drive needs resurfacing, get three quotes.