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The sun is the biggest it has ever been.

You will pay a tradesman cash then complain to your friends that immigrants are spoiling your lovely country. Prevent uneven tire wear by having your traction checked. A stranger on a train will ask you to touch his colon with a hammer handle, don’t get drawn in. You will be tempted by a shady character, remember that you are strong enough to say no. Never pick up a burning chip pan, dial 999. A mutual friend will invite you into a business venture, think it through. No matter how thirsty you are, never drink from a half-full bottle of yellow water you find at the side of a road. Crime in your area has risen sharply, be vigilant. No matter how much of a burden an elderly relative becomes, remember that God is watching. Never leave a leather jacket in direct sunlight. A close friend or relative will be moving abroad, remind them to check their electrical goods are suitable for a different voltage. Never take your bladder for granted.