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The moon has never been stronger.

No one is as less trusting as you, be careful not to broker deals behind your own back. A new business deal will turn out to be the best thing you have ever done, don’t hesitate in remortgaging your house. They say that the best things in life come free but remember that there are also great discounts to be had at closing down sales. Try not to overcompensate for the weaknesses in your personality. Remember to peel and wash potatoes before eating them. Eat less things that are bad for you and more things that are good. You will hear strangers speak in a foreign language that will cause you to question the subject of their conversation. The quicker you get to a stain the more chance you have of getting it out. Don’t spend time with people you don’t like. Someone you see very infrequently may ask you about your bowels, be polite.