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Venus and Jupiter are at war.

You will read an unusually titled book. You will lose faith in someone whose opinion you normally respect. Remember, you may walk a path you do not know but you cannot know a path you have not yet walked. A glass will break. You know someone who has had their drive resurfaced. An old friend will call on you unexpectedly and rekindle a spark. Your nose will appear different. You will become increasingly concerned about on-street parking. Someone with a dog will greet you with a smile. Don’t be afraid of pottery. The thought of travel will appeal to you in June but concerns about your family will keep you closer to home. Make sure you aren’t paying too much for your home insurance. A television programme will cause you to look long and hard at your own bathroom. A man wearing a coat will offer you a business card and promise you a discount if you sign up straight away. You will suddenly notice that although your toilet brush appears clean, the holder itself has become tarnished. Never breath in more than you can breath out.