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All the deep lakes on the moon couldn’t store your passionate moisture.


Use of a softer pillow will improve your posture; reduce neck fatigue, and release tensions in your lower back. A tramp at a service station will ask you for change but rather than a financial offering, help them to understand the benefits of working and the esteem that goes with it. You will return home unexpectedly to find a neighbour going to the toilet on your drive. Encourage a friend or relative to give up smoking in your house. Your feet are lovely, show them off more. Share a joke with a colleague you don’t normally speak to. Double bag heavy or irregular shaped shopping. Phone a random number and tell the person that answers how wonderful they are. Get your eyes checked out. Close friends can often be a source of much frustration, share your feelings. Take a large cake to a Weight Watchers meeting and announce that everyone should just be honest and enjoy themselves.